Welcome to my blog!

Meet Me!

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I love traveling (pretty much a given since this is a travel blog). I love hiking, camping, caving, and exploring every edge of our planet.
  2. If you could not tell by my avid love for the planet, I am also passionate about sustainability. I do what I can to always be the most resourceful with what I have and limit waste.
  3. Again, building off of the last fact-my resourcefulness has led me to discovering quite a few handy life hacks. Tricks for college life, organization, cooking, baking, and just plain old living are all my favorite things!
  4. I am a Resident Advisor at my University, so when I talk about college advice-believe me, I know what I’m talking about. My entire job is giving freshman advice and helping them through their first-year experience.
  5. I dance! I am on my D-1 schools dance team! We perform at football games, the occasional basketball game, and lots of school spirit rallies in between.
  6. Finally, I absolutely love bees! Yep, bees! I am a member of the beekeeping club at my university and regularly care for our bee hives.