Big Little Bradley Falls, NC

Big Little Bradley Falls is two separate hiking trails both to beautiful waterfalls. Big Bradley is a quick walk to an overlook. Little Bradley is a short hike at just under 2 miles to a glorious waterfall with a small pool at the bottom.

The Hike

This hike through the Green River Game Lands is joy to do. The trail itself is not the easiest to maneuver so I would not recommend this hike for children under age 12, despite it’s online labeling as “child friendly”. Water flows from Cove Creek along the trail and hikers do have to cross over it. I would also not recommend bringing your furry-friends on this trip. The slippery rocks crossing the river (plus the mess of a wet dog!) would make this hike a tad less fun with a dog with you. If you’re looking for a child and pet friendly waterfall trail in NC, check out Triple Falls! Little Bradley Falls trail could use a little bit of trail maintenance, but I wasn’t bothered by the trail at all.

The trail to Little Bradley is longer and more strenuous than the overlook to see Big Bradley. I believe the trip is well worth it! There is a swimming hole at the bottom of Little Bradley Falls that stays refreshingly cool even in summer. Big Bradley is a gorgeous view with a nice overhang-but be careful!

Big Little Bradley Falls

The falls themselves are gorgeous. Depending on the season you take this hike would depend on which trail is better! In the summer months, Little Bradley takes the cake for me. Not much beats swimming in the pool of a waterfall after a warm hike! However, in the fall, when it’s too cold to swim and the leaves are pretty colors-Big Bradley all the way!

My Experience

I loved my trip to Big Little Bradley Falls! I thought the hike was easy for any adults with decent balance and hiking experience. It’s a pretty short hike, even seeing both falls. I did both on one trip with no problems. For me, Chacos are an absolute must for a waterfall hike, and this is no different! I prefer hiking in my trusty Chacos but any kind of waterproof shoe would be recommended for Little Bradley. A bunch of friends and I travelled to Saluda to hike these trails and we had a blast. I definitely recommend this hike for anyone looking for a quick getaway to connect with nature.

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