Choosing a BackPack For College

Choosing the right backpack for college can be crucial to your on-campus experience. Getting a bag with certain qualities is a must, learn those qualities here.


First and foremost, you need a bag that is going to last. The cheap $10 bag from Walmart probably isn’t going to hold up four years. Think of you bag as an investment. Mine cost me $100 but I’ve used it for four full semesters and when it ripped, the company sent me a new one for free. You want a bag with a study bottom to hold the weight of heavy books and zippers that aren’t going to break! Walking around campus with zippers that don’t zip all the way up can be dangerous, avoid that by investing in a quality bookbag.


Next, I cannot stress the importance of getting a waterproof/water-resistant bag for college. Walking across campus in a near monsoon and having your bag, laptop, papers, and everything else in your bag soaked is NOT the move. A friend of mine had to purchase a new laptop because his got ruined from having to walk in the rain to class. There are plenty of water-resistant options to choose from when looking at bags– make that a priority.


College students carry their backpacks a lot. From home to class and everywhere in between, it’s important to get a bag that will sit comfortably on your shoulders and distribute weight evenly. Don’t worry– the “cool kid” one-strap isn’t really a thing in college. Textbooks can be super heavy and back pain is not fun. Avoid expensive chiropractor visits in the future by purchasing a bag that is really going to support your body for long walks across campus.


When I say space, I mean pockets! I have all of my pockets filled with all kinds of important things I need through out the day. This allows me to feel organized and know where everything is at all times. One of the most important pockets to have is a laptop sleeve. This can help you drastically not only protect your expensive computer but also keep organized. Choosing a backpack with an appropriate number of pockets can make quietly finding items in your bag during class a million times easier.

My Take

For me, I leave all of my stuff in my backpack all of the time. So I need a large bag that can keep all of my stuff organized. Notebooks, pencil pouches, snacks, and electronics are all staples in my college bag. College is very different than high school so it may take some adjusting to learn your own personal bookbag organization style for college. Learn what I keep in mine, here.

Backpacks in college do not need to be cute. A basic bag can fulfill all of your needs perfectly. Muted colors like gray, black, and navy are good to have a low-key bag that doesn’t clash with outfits. My backpack is from The North Face and I love it. I used a NorthFace bag for 9 years (grades 4-12) and then got a new one for college. The brand is reliable, fits comfortably on my back, and does all of the things that I need my backpack to do.

Brands like JanSport, Herschel Supply Co, Patagonia and more have also proven to be reliable brands. Make a choice in backpack that is going to keep you comfortable and happy for all four years. Choosing a backpack is way more in depth than it sounds, pick a good one!

Let me know below your favorite type of backpack below!

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