Medicines You NEED to Have in College

There are one million and one packing lists for college. Comforter, pillows, laundry basket, etc. Not many cover the medicines that every college student needs to have in their cabinet.

Incoming freshman have a lot to learn before moving into their dorm room. Bringing medicine to campus is something a lot of people forget! Medicine is something that every college student needs to bring to campus, but many don’t. No one likes paying the astronomical prices in the school pharmacy. Avoid the struggle of going to the store sick and bring it yourself! Here are the medicines you need to have in college.


Yea, yea, this one seems obvious. But people forget them! Any type of prescription that you have and may need at school needs to be packed. Birth control, ADHD medications, anxiety or depression pills, it’s all important. Not using things like ADHD medicine over the summer can make it super easy to forget when going to college, here’s your reminder to pack it away!

Headache Medicine

Motrin, Advil, or Aleve it doesn’t matter, whatever your preference-pack it! After a long night of studying, a long night of partying, or a long night of just living, it’s not hard to have a headache. This is one of the most needed medicines in college. Make sure that you have some type of ibuprofen to help with your headache (or muscle aches from that first barre class you finally go to)!

Fever Reducer thermometer,

This one may be a little less obvious but Tylenol (or an off-brand equivalent) is super important to pack with you. You will most likely get sick in college, I was sick like the whole time, and going to the pharmacy and paying way too much money for a tiny bottle of pills is not what you want to do. I needed Tylenol when my fever was high and when I had mono to balance out the ibuprofen.

Cold Medicine

The number of people who ask me for cold medicine weekly is incredible. As I said before, you’re going to get sick. Have some Dayquil or Nyquil in your room already because you don’t want to text your dorm group chat at 1am and hope someone is willing to give you some pills. I personally like the combo boxes of the daytime and nighttime cold pills because they don’t take up much space and work wonders for me.

Allergy Medicine

You might be leaving for school in the summer, but fall allergies can sneak up on you pretty quickly! I have terrible allergies so I carry Benadryl with me everywhere I go. FloNase and Claritin are constants on my bathroom shelf as well. Keep in mind that you are most likely attending college in a town different from where you grow up. Allergies can change in different places based on the types of plants around.

Extra Medicines You Need To Have

If you have any type of food sensitivity or acid reflux, bring Tums, Pepto Bismol Ior something similar! I always have Tums with me and I always use them!

Cough drops and throat lozenges! Bring them! You (or your roommate) will need them! I also always keep green tea and honey in my room for when my throat is feeling sore or I just need to unwind.

Next, melatonin! If I know I’m not going to sleep well at night because I’m stressed about an exam or presentation, I pop a melatonin an hour before bed and it helps tremendously. When I take melatonin I sleep much more soundly and wake up more rested than when I don’t.

Finally, I’m personally a big fan of essential oils, particularly peppermint. I use peppermint oil behind my ears when I feel a headache coming on and in the shower when I’m feeling congested. If you’re a fan of essential oils–I totally recommend bringing them to school with you!

Let me know in the comments any medicine you always keep with you in college!

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