Make your own Microwave Fried Rice

This one goes out to all my college students who are TIRED of dining hall food and to broke for takeout. Cheap pre-cooked ingredients to make a delicious microwave fried rice all in your dorm room!

If you couldn’t tell by the title, this can be made entirely with microwavable ingredients, making it perfect for college students. This recipe really only needs two ingredients, first a bag of Uncle Ben’s Fried Rice and a package of frozen Green Giant Simply Steam vegetables. Both of these should be easy to find in any grocery store. These are also friendly on a college budget; in my town, the rice costs about $2.50 and the vegetables are only $1!

Uncle Ben's Microwavable Fried Rice and Green Giant Simply Steam Antioxidant Blend Vegetables

Making Microwave Fried Rice

All of this is done in the microwave according to package directions based on the wattage of your microwave. The vegetables take longer to cool off after the cooking so I pop those in the microwave first. This package has lots of veggies in it! Broccoli, carrots, red peppers, and yellow peppers in a light garlic sauce. Then I heat up my rice for 90 seconds. Add half of the rice to and half the vegetables to your bowl and mix!

The Extras

Sometimes when I’m feeling crazy (or I’m at home with a stove), I fry up an egg to mix in there to make it even tastier! I also like to add a little onion powder and a bit of garlic powder to give it more flavor. And yes, I do always keep both onion and garlic powder in my dorm room. Dining hall food is bland! I love to add soy sauce to mine as well but I almost never have it available, so I just go without. Finally, add all your favorite spices and sauces and mix it all together for a delicious and healthy dinner.

I only use half of the pack of vegetables and half the bag of rice. This gives me dinner at night and typically lunch again the next day, or I share with my boyfriend if I’m being nice. For the half size serving of this, it’s only 245 calories! Pair it with some yummy fruit or a crunchy side salad to complete your meal.

So this microwave fried rice is as easy could be, about $2.00 per serving, and low calorie? Perfect! This works great for a college student, someone on a strict budget, or just someone who prepares meals for just themselves.

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