Scheduling Free Time

Schedules are important, whether it’s a long weekend, summer vacation, or even a global pandemic–organization keeps the world running. Here are three super easy steps to keeping a ~tiny~ bit of structure in your life!

  • Don’t sleep all day! Maybe take a little advantage of it, sleep until 9:30 instead of 7:30, but keep it reasonable. I know you want to sleep in, but I promise you it will benefit you and your family in the long run to keep a little bit of consistency in your days. 

  • Keep taking regular showers! This seems so trivial and unnecessary to say but everyone has those days where you shower on Monday and then all of a sudden it’s Thursday and you still haven’t changed out of your pajamas. Don’t let that be you! Normalcy is key! 

  • Plan your meals. Eat breakfast, eat lunch, and eat dinner. If you like to snack, pre-portion snacks and have one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Even plan dessert if you’d like, as long as you aren’t eating Ben & Jerry’s straight from the tub and watching Hulu, I count that as being mindful. Don’t snack all day and mindlessly eat while binging Netflix. Keep yourself accountable.

How do you maintain an organized schedule when you have time off? Let me know below!

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