Triple Falls, Dupont NC

Triple Falls is a hiking trail in DuPont National Forest that leads visitors through the forest to multiple stunning waterfalls. The trip is a great choice for families and less-experienced hikers.

The Hike

Triple Falls is a great hiking option! It was a very easy hike at 2.5 miles on a well-worn loop trail. This hike is suitable for nearly all skill levels and provides amazing views throughout! The path is easy to follow and gentle on the feet, not many rocks to trip you up! Along the hike there are a couple of pavilions that are perfect for eating a quick lunch or snack while taking in the breathtaking views. Nothing beats a good sandwich with the sound of a rushing waterfall behind you!

The Falls

The falls on this trip are stunning, and there are few hikes where you will see as many waterfalls on such an easy hike. There are overpasses where you can look out and truly see the water crashing down the rocks. Boy is it gorgeous! There is even an area at the base of one of the falls (see photo of me above) where you can cool off in the water on warm days! Be careful though, some days that water moves awfully powerful.

My Experience

I personally had a fantastic time visiting the falls! It was a short hike that was perfect for a day trip to Dupont with some friends. We hiked up, taking little breaks here and there to admire the falls. If we saw somewhere that looked explorable, we went and explored. There were plenty of spots to explore, get wet, and take photos.

I went in February when it was still cold, there was still snow on the ground! Hiking in the snow is such a fun experience and it meant we had great hiking weather as well. The rocks at the base of the falls were super slippery with ice from the spray, so be sure to watch out for that, especially if hiking with children or pets. When we finally reached the top, we ate some good snacks and had some good laughs before we headed back down the trail to the parking lot. Overall, it was a beautiful, relaxing, gentle hike that left us with good memories and happy hearts.

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