Understanding College Lingo

College lingo can be confusing. Learn common phrases and words used by college students here to have an easy transition into college.

Example of a small bedroom in an apartment style dorm.

Housing Lingo

Traditional Style Dorm: A traditional style dorm room is basically one room for you and one other person. These dorms have community bathrooms either on the end or in the middle of the hall. Traditional dorms are often older than other choices, cheaper than other choices, and seen as less desirable because of the communal bathroom. However, the community bathroom is a great place to meet people on the hall and it’s nice because you don’t have to clean it!

Suite Style Dorm: A suite style dorm is similar to a traditional in the fact that it is one room for you a roommate. Your room connects to another two person room (same gender) through a bathroom. This means four people are sharing a toilet and shower. Most of the time there is a sink in each bedroom.

Apartment Style Dorm: Apartment style dorms are pretty self explanatory, it’s an on-campus, overly-priced, small apartment. Most apartment style dorms consist of four rooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen, and a living room. Some apartments only have one bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet, but most often there are two. Each resident typically has their own small bedroom in the apartment.

RA/RM: RA is the Residential Advisor on the hall, can be called a narc but typically aren’t trying to get you in trouble. More on RA’s here.

Class Lingo

TA: Teacher’s assistant. A TA can make or break a class for you in college so try to get on their good side.

Tenure: Tenure means that a professor has a permanent teaching position Teachers with tenure can either be much more chill or much more harsh because it’s difficult for them to be fired. Check RateMyProfessor always!

Chegg: Chegg is a fantastic resource for renting or buying textbooks for way cheaper than bookstore prices. It also has a great answer bank for test questions to help you study.

Prerequisite: A prerequisite is something you need to do before you can do something else. English 102 most likely has the prerequisite of completion (and passing) of English 101. Check prereq’s before planning out classes for registration.

Reading Day: Reading Day is a day at the end of the semester which a lot of professors use as a make-up exam day. Reading day is the separation between classes and exams and should be used for studying for future exams.

Students partying

Party Lingo

ABC Party: Anything But Clothes Party

Darty: Day Time Party normally hosted by a frat; day drinking at it’s finest

B.Y.O.B: Bring Your Own Beer, if a party is BYOB make sure you come prepared

College lingo is just one of the confusing things about transitioning into college from high school. For more must know information for freshman, check out everything I wish I knew before starting college.

Comment below any additional words or phrases you found confusing as you entered college!

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