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Once you get to college, it is critical for students to have an email signature. Here is a short, simple guide on how to build a perfect email signature.

What Is An Email Signature

Email signatures go at the end of emails to allow future employers, professors, and colleagues to get a brief glimpse into your credentials as well as providing additional contact information. Having a signature at the bottom of your emails can really be a difference in how you are seen professionally.


Obviously the first line of the signature should be your name. This is the name you go by professionally, so even if your friends call you Buddy but your name is John David Smith, put John David Smith. Adding middle initials is acceptable on this portion as well, for example Janet Smith can put Janet A. Smith if she chooses. This is also where titles such as Dr. would be added if you obtain that title.

Job Title

Next, job title. This part can be a little confusing when you’re in school. Don’t put that you’re a TJ Maxx cashier on your email signature. This is where you have the most freedom in your signature. Personally, I use one that is rather vague. Mine is “Student of Arts and Science” on this line because I have two majors that are both arts and sciences. This could be ‘Student of Accounting’ or “Student of Exercise Science” depending on your major.


The next line is super simple. The name of your school! If you are in a well known program at your university in a specific college you can put that on this line. For example, at my university the Darla Moore School of Business is the top international business school in the country so choosing to use this title rather than the school name is acceptable.

Contact Information

This part should be two lines, one of your phone number, the other your email. I prefer to have my phone number on the upper line with my email below it. Use an email you will check frequently. I use my school email on my email signature because it gives me credibility as an actual student at the university and it allows me to keep all of my school and career information in one place. If you have a fax machine (uncommon but valid), add this between your cell number and email, but be sure to identify it as a fax number.

There you have it! As you grow into a career your email signature will evolve with you. As an undergraduate this is a great way to separate yourself from other candidates by showing professionalism and dedication to your education and career.

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